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One-on-One Virtual Consultations

For those seeking a personalized functional medicine approach to get to the root cause of their symptoms

The Initial Consultation ($250)

Initial consultations are roughly 90 minutes in length. During this time, we:​

  • Establish your primary concerns and health goals

  • ​Thoroughly review your health timeline from conception to the present day to understand your unique story

  • Identify your "never well since" point and the root causes that contributed to your symptom development

  • Discuss recommendations for functional lab testing to dig deeper into your symptoms

  • Establish your initial nutrition prescription and treatment plan

Follow-Up Sessions ($175)

Follow-up sessions are about 60 minutes in length. During this time, we:

  • Review any new lab results so you understand what they're telling us about your body

  • Track your progress

  • Address and find solutions for any pain points or barriers to progress

  • Layer on lifestyle modifications to complement your nutrition prescription (e.g. sleep, stress management, and exercise-based interventions)

  • Adjust your treatment plan as needed

While I'm based in California, my RDN credential allows me to deliver 1:1 nutrition services in 23 states. To see if you're eligible for 1:1 services, please check my FAQ page.

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