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Hippocrates said that all disease begins in the gut. With its roles in nutrient digestion and absorption, detoxification, neurotransmitter creation, and immune system regulation, it's clear that Hippocrates was onto something. Our GI tract is increasingly understood to play a role in the development of food sensitivities, the rise of autoimmune diseases, depression, cognitive decline, hormone imbalance, and chronic inflammation. 


Gut Assessment

GI-MAP Stool Test ($735)

Functional gut testing, interpretation, and recommendations as a stand-alone service 

Package Details

  • One 15-minute call to explain sample collection instructions and test timing

  • One at-home stool sample kit

  • One 45-minute session to review your test results and discuss recommendations for a treatment plan

About GI-MAP

This at-home stool sample collection kit evaluates the following:

  • Over 35 markers for bacterial, parasitic, and viral pathogens; protozoa, worms, and yeast

  • H. pylori, plus 8 virulence strains to assess if you have a strain that may have more extensive detrimental effects on your health  

  • Over 30 markers for normal, opportunistic, and potential autoimmune-triggering bacteria

  • Markers of pancreatic function and bile sufficiency

  • Occult blood and calprotectin, which can indicate GI bleed, tumor, or need for further assessment

  • Two markers of gut immune cell activation

  • Zonulin, which is a marker of intestinal permeability

These tests are most appropriate for:

  • Anyone with digestive discomfort 

  • Individuals with autoimmune disease

  • Those with signs of chronic inflammation who suspect their gut may be the root cause

Available only in the 23 states where I can conduct 1:1 MNT

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