Gut Repair Course

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Learn the ins and outs of the Gut Repair Protocol (also known as a 5R Protocol) from the comfort of your couch. This course will guide you through each step of the protocol and provide you with all the tools you need to successfully carry it out on your own. 

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Who is this option right for?

This self-paced course is best for someone who identifies with following:

You suspect that your gut is at the root of your symptoms and are ready to make big nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve your gut health

You want expert guidance to make sure you're doing the protocol correctly but can't commit to one-on-one coaching

You want to learn the "why" behind the Gut Repair Protocol and feel confident that you're taking an evidence-based approach

You're self-motivated and can implement the protocol independently. You just need clarity on the steps and tools to do it.


Symptoms that Scream "Focus on the Gut!"


Brain fog

Chronic inflammation

Skin issues like acne and eczema


Digestive discomfort

New food sensitivities


Headaches and joint pain


Registration is Open!