Functional Nutrition Coaching

If you're ready to transform your health, this service is for you. This program, which requires a minimum commitment of 3 months, is the most thorough method to uncover the root cause of your symptoms and determine a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan that gets you feeling like your best self.


Who is this option right for?

One-on-one coaching requires readiness for significant nutrition and lifestyle changes. It's best for someone who identifies with following:

You're looking for a more thorough, holistic assessment of your health concerns

You want a personalized approach that treats you like a partner in your care

You believe that diet and lifestyle can play a significant role in your health

You understand that transformational change is a process, not a quick fix


Past Coaching Client Wins

Improved energy

Eliminated digestive discomfort

Improved adrenal function

Normalized inflammatory markers

Uncovered food sensitivities

Corrected nutrient deficiencies

Reduced waist to hip ratio

Corrected estrogen dominance


Program Details

One 90-minute initial assessment

to learn your story, understand your health goals, and determine if functional labs may be indicated

Two 45-minute consultations per month

to coach you through successfully implementing your personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, review labs, and assess your progress

Food lists and recipe books for your nutrition prescription

to take the guess-work out of implementing changes to your diet

Personalized lifestyle prescription

to correct for ways that sleep, stress management, movement, and relationships are affecting your health

Optional add-ons

Functional lab tests and medical-grade supplements are not included in the cost of this program as these need to be personalized to the client

This program requires a minimum commitment of 3 months and starts at $1995.