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Reverse Cardiometabolic Dysfunction

Your cardiovascular health and metabolic health are intertwined. Risk factors for cardiometabolic dysfunction include cardiovascular inflammation, blood sugar dysregulation, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia (cholesterol imbalance), and abdominal weight gain. These are preventable and reversible risk factors for conditions like coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, stroke, heart attack, and diabetes. Whether you've already received some concerning lab work or want to prevent cardiometabolic issues that run in your family, I'm here to support you with functional nutrition and lifestyle interventions.


Cardiometabolic Health Program

3-Month Package ($1125)

6-Month Package ($1875)

For those with cardiometabolic risk factors (elevated lipids, obesity, family history or current diagnosis of cardiovascular disease or diabetes) seeking to preserve their health and prevent future chronic illness

​Program Includes

  • Three or six months of 1:1 virtual coaching

    • One 90-minute initial session

    • Two or five follow-up sessions  

    • Bi-weekly informal check-ins to troubleshoot any challenges

  • At-home blood spot kit to assess cardiometabolic risk factors, including fasting insulin, blood sugar regulation, inflammation markers, lipids, and thyroid function

    • One kit for 3-month participants​

    • Two kits (pre and post) for 6-month participants

  • A personalized functional medicine treatment plan with evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that we tailor to your preferences and needs. We will gradually layer in new interventions at each session to ensure that your treatment plan is sustainable and successful.

  • Resources such as sample meal plans, grocery shopping lists, educational materials, and progress trackers to keep you motivated and moving in the right direction​

Optional Add-Ons

  • Other lab work (e.g. hormone, GI assessment, food sensitivity), if desired

  • Supplements through my trusted partners at Designs for Health​

Available only in the 23 states where I can conduct 1:1 MNT

Single Consultations

90-Minute Initial ($250)

60-Minute Follow-Ups ($175)

Want to work together but not ready to commit to a program? Looking for help with a health issue you don't see a program for? I'm happy to schedule single sessions on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Available only in the 23 states where I can conduct 1:1 MNT


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